Friday, May 16, 2008

Moon Blood Red Mother Moon

I just returned from a beautiful gathering. It was a moon party for a young woman who just began her menstrual cycle. I have not had such a nice time at a party in a very long time. It was all women- a few teenagers, but only those who have begun to bleed, of course. There were about 20 of us, and two babies (mine and another). We all wore red for obvious reasons. The evening started with a really good pot-luck, and we were all adorned by the honoree with jewels on our third eye. We went into the ritual space, and sat in a circle. A bowl of beads was passed, and as we chose a bead to string on a cord, we each told a story about the beginning of our menstrual cycle, it's continuation, or about womanhood in general. We then drummed for quite a while. We sang "Oh mama" (an african song) and "Young Rider, Apple cheeked one", as that is her favorite song. We all pampered her, painting her toenails in red, massaging her shoulders, braiding her hair with red ribbons, decorating her hands, feet and ankles with henna tattoos, etc. We passed around a journal, into which we wrote advice and blessings for her to keep as a moon journal, and then passed plates of dessert. A round, moon-like cherry pie, chocolate covered strawberries, brownies, and the best thing-- cookies in the shape of yonis, with raspberry jam filled centers. Also we had delicious berry-honey mead and red wine. One of the labels of wine was "Bitch", perfect for a woman on the rag. Her father picked it out for the event, all though he was not allowed to attend. We all talked and laughed about bleeding, the pros and cons of pads, tampons, the wonderful diva cup, sitting and bleeding onto a towel in a moon lodge, etc. There was much discussion about condoms and birth control, fertility, the cycle, hormonal patterns and feelings of sensuality and increased intuition corresponding with the cycle, and other womanly subjects. It was all so intimate and sweet, full of laughter, celebration, good humor and reverence. What a healthy way to transition into womanhood with the love and support of your community. How amazing to have all of your questions answered openly without awkwardness or shame. How mature she seemed, being initiated into a roomful of women, and being recognized and praised as an adult and as a female full of potential, beauty, sexuality and mystery. I am excited to continue this tradition with my own daughter one day! I feel honored to have been invited, and lucky to be a part of such an amazing circle.yoni


eizzy.k said...

wow, sounds amazing...never heard of this, but sure wish i had a red moon party...i love the concept!

Michael said...

I'm just passing through, in fact i typed in beautiful circle and your post came up about your blood red mother moon party. What an amazing initiation. As a man I feel profoundly moved by your party and openess with the young woman, the journal, toe nail painting and open discussion. You've made my life a little richer tonight just knowing that there are people out there doing this kind of thing. Thank you for sharing - really.

Ani said...

Thanks for reading, and appreciating. It's great to know that there are people out there inspired by this important celebration and rite of passage. Hopefully many girls will begin to be initiated into womanhood in such ways.